Twice-exceptional children need an education that fits their individual needs, and it’s in all of our interests to give it to them. The National Center for Learning Disabilities just released an article citing new data from the U.S. Department of Education, which states that “students with learning and attention issues are shut out of gifted and AP programs, held back in grade level and suspended from school at higher rates than other students.” Twice-exceptional is a term in the education realm referring to gifted children with high I.Q’s who also have learning differences. Research shows twice-exceptional students attend on average five different schools before settling with one which inadequately fits their individualized needs. According to research by Micaela Bracamonte, “One million of our nation’s most promising, most innovative thinkers – bright children who learn differently, not “deficiently” – constitute a neglected national resource”.

MINDSTREAM School Jackson has a student-centered, holistic approach focused on student strengths, social-emotional development, and student collaboration. We aim to nurture each student’s social-emotional growth and maximizing their academic potential, so they can become happy, productive citizens and the next generation of exceptional minds.

Our desire is to help each student succeed in learning and living. We believe we can achieve our goal of providing resources that meet the needs of some of Mississippi’s most gifted and allows them to meet their full potential.